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Uptime marketing agency

Маркетинговое агентство. 

Реклама, раскрутка, и продвижением товара  на рынке. 

Uptime быстроразвивающаяся, быстрорастущая компания, узнаваемая на рынке. 

В компании есть возможность карьерного роста и продвижения по служебной лестнице.
Лояльность и индивидуальный подход к каждому сотруднику.

Uptime Marketing Agency 
Founded in 2010, Uptime has become a commonwealth of ambitious people, who have strong experience both in brand management & advertising. The mission of company is "becoming an outsource marketing/brand team for businesses, who creates solutions". The company aims to offer unique & relevant services extending from strategic planning and creative idea development to execution/implementation of projects, which would contribute to sound business results.Specialties• Holistic marketing campaign development & implementation, Brand identity development, Communication strategy development and its implementation